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CCI Curriculum and Instruction Info

This page is the new home for CCI Mission and  Curriculum and Instruction information.   For a period of time, you will also find the information under the "PARENT RESOURCES" tab.  However, info on that tab will not be updated.  Thank you!

The purpose of the follow section in Parent Resources is to inform you about our school vision, our curriculum, and our instructional methods.

Updates are being made to this section throughout the school year.  Areas where significant changes made or added will be noted here with dates changes were made.  For example, this box was created on Monday, September 23rd.  

-October 5  Added a Video on how to use the Grade Page.  See Grade Info section below.



Southeast Dubois County School Corporation and Cedar Crest Intermediate



The foundation of our curriculum is our Indiana Academic Standards.  At the links below you will find IDOE Academic Standards and other resources by grade level for each subject area.

Our teachers base all instructional decisions for student learning and application on these standards.

Links to standards:


English/Language Arts

Science and Computer Science

Social Studies

Music and Visual Arts

Physical Education


Indiana Department of Education Directives and Priorities

In addition to providing us our Indiana Academic Standards by grade,

the Indiana Department of Education has given us directives to include the following into our instruction to further develop student well-being, self-awareness,  critical thinking skills,  collaboration skills, independent learning skills, and career awareness (opportunities), etc.  In some cases, these are initiatives that have recently been developed with expectations of integrating them into our instruction over time.

Our teachers are working towards integrating all initiatives to meet or exceed IDOE timelines. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Math (STEM/STEAM) and Project Based Learning

(See state plan beginning on page 4 of Strategic Plan)

Social/Emotional Learning  (SEL)

Career Awareness


Educational Partners

All SEDubois schools have numerous educational partners that administrators and teachers use to provide purposeful learning activities and experiences for our students and administration information systems.  At the link below you will find a list of many of our Educational Partners.


Educational Partners Link  (to come)

Partnership With Summit Learning

One of our more significant education partners is Summit Learning.  Through this partnership we have access to both (1) an instructional platform and (2) a electronic "binder" curriculum or instructional materials.    Our teachers wrote, developed, reviewed and approved all resources on the platform.  All of our curriculum is based on our own Indiana Academic Standards.  Links to our standards are provided above.

CCI Teacher Driven Partnership and Development

Teacher Statements Related to Summit Learning

What the Partnership Provides our Teachers/Our School

-Use of educational platform at no cost to our school corporation

-Storage of CCI teacher developed curriculum resources with ready access for both teachers, students and parents.

-Real-time data of individual student progress

Professional Development for Teachers and Administration

A week-long summer intensive training is offered to all new teachers accompanied by admininstrator.

A Fall and Spring Convening that 4-6 teachers and administrators may attend.

NWEA teacher training to read and interpret data and identify skills shortcomings and strengths.

We continue to look for and encourage teachers to pursue professional development opportunities in areas of interest and need.

Five Key Areas Within our School Day (Info to come)

The Arts


Focus Areas


Habits of Success




In addition to teacher experience and observation, as well as administrative oversight, we use the following tests to monitor student progress and to identify specific student needs that guide curriculum resource modification for classroom instruction, more focus interventions, and more focused high ability instruction.  

NWEA--  Our students are taking this test, an adaptive test, three times during the school year.  Tests are give in Math, Reading, and Language Usage.  Tests are administered in the firsts weeks of the school year, the middle of the school year, and towards the end of the school year. Our teachers use student results and growth data to determine areas of strength and areas of weakness and determine interventions to improve student learning.

ILEARN -- Spring, 2019 was the first year students in Indiana took the ILearn test.  


--Our 5th graders had the highest percentage of 5th graders in schools across the state in scoring above proficiency in Math for Spring, 2019.  See data HERE.

--Our 6th graders ranked 45th out of 336 sixth grade classes in schools across the state in percentage of 6th graders scoring above proficiency for Math for Spring, 2019.  See data HERE.

--Our 5th graders ranked 13th out of 341 fifth grade classes in schools across the state n percentage of 5th graders scoring above proficiency for ELA for Spring, 2019.  See data HERE

--Our 6th graders ranked 52nd out of  336 sixth grade classes in schools across the state in percentage of 6th graders scoring above proficiency for ELA for Spring, 2019.  See data HERE.

Platform Related Information

-Platform Privacy

Helping your Son/Daughter
-Availability of real-time data to review progress and identify areas of strength and concern.

-See student project work and cognitive Skill Scores

-understanding the colors (to come)

-Weekly Updates prepared by teachers and sent to parents.

-Teacher sharing with Bloomz

Grades (more info to come)


Grades can be found by going to the "Progress" Tab.  When using a desktop or laptop on the project tab you will see the current grade for each of our 4 core subjects.  Click on one of the subjects and an "Grade Page" will open. 

See video HERE for walk-through on information found on "Grade" page.


ELA, Science, and Social Studies


Progress Monitoring

the colors and what they mean


Platform How-to's

-Setting Up a Parent Account and/or Automated Text Messaging



Platform Descriptions and How-To Videos

See links to video walk-throughs on platform tabs/pages HERE

*Documents with Overview of 5 Tabs/Pages of the Platform.

**Document:  Click HERE.

*Progress Page 

**Document:  Click Here (to come).

*Year Page 

**Document:  Click HERE (to come)

the meaning of colors on the platform  (to come) 

*Week Page

**Document:  Click HERE.

*Resource Page

**Document:  Click HERE. (to come)  (cognitive skills)




Other Resources

--our teaching and learning strategies have basis in research first developed in 1956 and used by teachers since.

Bloom's Taxonomy  (Focus Areas address two lower level learning:  Remembering and Understanding  // Project Work integrates all six levels of learning.)

Bloom's Taxonomy


For those who wish to read about Summit Learning and the research and science supporting the learning model see this extensive document prepared by Summit Learning.